Carrie BOV March 2016
Deedachs Show Results
CH.Deedachs All American Girl MS
Thank you Tara Hartman for your expert
Ch.Deedachs Man In Black MS
CH.Deedachs Man In Black MS  Thank
you Tara Hartman for your expert handling!
CH. Deedachs Nadine WhyCantUBtrue MS
Finished her title in 1.5 months! Thank you
Tara Hartman for your expert handling!
Ch.Deedachs Nadine WhyCantUbTrue MS
CH. Deedachs Keep The Flame At Sunrise MS
shown here age 1 and has earned her title!
Ch.Deedachs Keep The Flame At Sunrise MS
CH. Deedachs In It For Love MS by Ch.
Dynadaux Honky Tonk Bar N Grill MS out of
Ch. Deedachs Country Music Award MS.
Shania is dam of champion J.C.
CH.Deedachs Grand Performance MS
CH.Old Hanover's Careful Heart v Deedachs
by  Ch. Deedachs Steal Your Heart ML out of
Ch.Old Hanover's Nothing But Chaos ML.      
AM/CAN CH.Deedachs Lucky Jack O'Hearts
CH.Deedachs Steal Your Heart ML
CH.Hiswill's Bad Boy ML by Ch. Deedachs
Something2talkabout ML out of Ch.Hiswills
Chosen One ML; co-bred/co-owned by George
Howes & Deedachs
Ch.Deedachs Something2talkabout ML
CH.Deedachs Something2talkabout ML by
CH.Sleepytymes Figure Of Speech out of
CH.Deedachs Classic Porsche ML
Ch.Deedachs Steal Your Heart ML
Ch.Deedachs Lucky Jack O'Hearts ML
CH.Deedachs Lucky Draw ML in 1994
was #23 in points earned by
all long
haired dachshunds shown in the USA!  
Only breeder/owner shown.
Ch.Deedachs Lucky Draw ML
CH.Dynadaux Redneck Dirt Road v Deedachs    
by CH.Dynadaux Mud On The Tires MS out of
GCH.Dynadaux Redneck Dirty Girls MS
Ch.Deedachs All American Girl MS 3-19-16
CH.Deedachs IgotAthingAboutYou ML by
.Hiswill's Bad Boy ML out of Deedachs
Some Enchanted Evening ML by
CH.Deedachs Something2talkabout ML
Thank you Tara!
Sampling of our champions.
CH.Deedachs Diamond Jim at Dandydox ML
He is by CH.Deedachs Something2talkabout ML.
Thank you co-owner Nancy Horrell in CA!
CH.Deedachs Make Someone Happy MS
Thank you Tara Hartman for your expert
Last CHAMPION title 9-21-18